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Yes, I do school visits and keynote speeches!

I've done school and library visits around the country: from New York to Los Angeles, Chicago to New Orleans and everywhere in-between. I've even done visits to Russia, London and Berlin!


If there is a strong interest, I can work within most budgets. Contact me at to talk about arranging a presentation


4 × 60 minute talk/Q&A/lunch with an author during a school day:  $1,400.00*
HALF DAY. 2×60 minute talk/Q&A/lunch with an author during a school day    
QUARTER DAY. One 60 minute talk/Q&A during a school day    

WEEKLY RATE. 5 days/ 4 sessions a day: $6,500*

(see how one school shared a week long residency with G. Neri!)

*Fees displayed are per day + Travel/Expenses. For visits out of state, there is a $800 minimum per day plus expenses.

KEYNOTE TALKS for conferences or events. One hour talk: $1,400*

I've given many inspiring keynote talks about my work with literacy organizations and reluctant readers.

30 minute Skype visits are free!


If you can't afford to have me in person, Skyping is an easy way to connect. One 30 minute session is free. If you need more, 3 sessions go for $350. Contact me at if you are interested.

Book Signings are Encouraged! Discounts available!
Discounted books for author events are available through my publishers. 

If you wish to purchase any class sets, you can get up to a 40% discount ordering direct from the publisher. Tell them I am doing an in-person visit:

  • Lee and Low Books (Grand Theft Horse, Yummy, Chess Rumble): email Keilin Huang, Publicity and Events Associate at or call: (212) 779-4400 ext. 32

  • Candlewick Press (Ghetto Cowboy, When Paul Met Artie, Hello, I'm Johnny Cash, Open Mic): email Dominique Peck for classroom visit orders with 40% discount: / 617-588-4524

     or Charlotte Roth for One School/One Book orders: 617-588-4479

  • Lerner (Knockout Games, Surf Mules):

    Toll-free Phone: 800-328-4929 or email Customer Service:

  • HMH (Tru & Nelle 1&2): Bookstore/Library Event Sales Contact: Emily Cervone; 800-343-1316 phone; 800-377-3338 fax

Books by grade:

Grade 3-5: Tru & Nelle 1 & 2, When Paul Met Artie, Hello, I'm Johnny Cash, Ghetto Cowboy

Grade 6-8: Yummy, Ghetto Cowboy, Tru & Nelle 2, Hello, I'm Johnny Cash, Grand Theft Horse

Grade 9-12: Knockout Games, Surf Mules, Yummy, Grand Theft Horse



I cannot remember another afternoon that I have enjoyed more than being at Monroe yesterday afternoon.  Mr. Neri was absolutely wonderful, and I will do everything that I can to get his books in some of our other middle schools.  I read Chess Rumble last night, and I love it."  - Max Hutto, Head of Middle School Language Arts, Hillsborough County

"Your visit was one of the highlights of the last seven years I've been teaching in NYC."  - Jessica Fenster-Sparber, Library Coordinator, Passages Academy

"We were lucky enough to host Greg Neri this week---and wow! what a day!  First, I must tell you that SO many of my students let me know that they saw themselves in Ghetto Cowboy.  "It was about me---this is my life," was a common refrain. If you have the chance to host Mr. Neri, I cannot recommend him enough.  He was a pleasure to listen to, to learn from, and to hang out with." - S. Schulz, librarian for Moses MS, Nacogdoches, TX

See how one school in Texas got 1,500 students and staff to read Ghetto Cowboy and have G. Neri as their special guest!